You may be asking , “Why am I so tired all the time?”. Keep reading.

  • People who say “I feel tired all the time” may be experiencing Fatigue“, which is the medical term for that symptom.
  • There are of course hundreds of possible causes of fatigue. In most cases, it’s probably due to some unhealthy lifestyle or diet; which means fatigue may be manageable even without medical attention. And the treatment of course for fatigue caused by the above is a no-brainer: change of lifestyle and eating nutritious diet. Just how common is fatigue? It is probably too common that people tend to ignore it or just decide to live with it. To ignore fatigue is not a good thing. Because in some cases it may be your body’s trying to warn you of something that needs medical attention and in some instances it can be serious.
  • This website was created to educate the readers about fatigue and how to overcome it.
  • The first step in overcoming fatigue is to review your lifestyle if you have been following the guidelines for optimal well being  Read more…
  • Are there some home remedies for fatigue? Read more…

If you think your tiredness may be caused by  things other than or beyond unhealthy lifestyle,explore other possible answers to your question   “Why am I so tired all the timed?”. Educate yourself to find out what may be  causing your fatigue. Because your treatment options will be determined by its underlying cause or causes. Note that I said treatment options because in most if not all cases it is not just one thing.

In most cases of fatigue, changes in lifestyle or diet, or taking some natural energy boosters may be all you need to overcome fatigue. For some the treatment may require more than the above. Keep reading.

In many cases consulting with holistic practitioners or resorting to alternative treatments may be needed to achieve complete recovery from fatigue. The following is an expert from Dr. Teitelbaum’s CFS/FMS Treatment Protocol to demonstrate how holistic practitioners may treat differently.

“Thyroid supplementation – several studies show that thyroid therapies can be very helpful in CFIDS/FMS – even if your blood tests are normal. This treatment is, however, very controversial – even though it’s usually very safe. All treatments (even aspirin) can cause problems in some people though.” Read more…..

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